Content and Strategies for Diversity and Inclusion

our passion is advising museums around the world on community engagement specializing in cultural adaptation, content and curriculum development, program and exhibit creation, and staff training.


Our Services

Our goal is developing content and strategies to help museums and science centers achieve their goals of diversity and inclusion.

Our pedagogical approach is based on social constructivism.


Content Development

Broad experience developing content for innovative curriculum, engaging programs, unique exhibits and new museums.

We specialized in children 0-5, and teenagers.


Staff Training

We design participatory and interactive trainings to help museum’s staff to move forward in their initiatives of diversity and inclusion.

The trainings provide tools and data to identify the areas of opportunity, co-design strategies and put them in practice.


Adaptation of Language and Culture

Our team of Spanish native speakers and experts in science, technology, human development, engineering, arts and mathematics, provide an accurate adaptation of language and culture of exhibits and programs.

Bilingual, blended language or language neutral learning environments.


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